Who is Tingly?  What is Tingly?  When is Tingly?  Why is Tingly?  Where is Tingly?  Tingly is Mike Mattingly’s musical project!  He is a singer, songwriter, bass playing fanatic, guitar playing hack, piano playing wanna be and a lover of any musical instrument he can get his grubby, meaty paws on.  Tingly is each and every day no matter the depth of the catastrophe or the breadth of the ocean of despair that surrounds us.  Tingly was put on this planet to bring joy and a bounce to all those who desire the freedom of the soul to explode right out of the heart through the chest and into the universe.  Tingly is the will to walk in lead shoes across  deserts so vast that it is impossible to imagine the oasis that will be discovered through this journey!  Tingly is here, now and forever!  Welcome aboard!

    “Free Mangos!  Only 25 Cents!” is the most recent album by tingly.  It was recorded throughout 2013 and finished early in 2014.  This album is the culmination of mattingly as a song writer as he pulls from his vast vault of musical and emotional experiences. 

    Also you can check out Tingly’s first album “Beautiful View”  Which is a largely acoustic album with an appearance of horns on two of the 11 songs.  It has the feel of a back porch barbecue  by the bay.

    You will also find the single “Shake It loose” as well as the video made in 2011.  It is a song about living through hard times but refusing to let it keep you down.

    Mike Mattingly began his career in his garage in Campbell CA where he and Mike Park crafted the sound that would become Skankin’ Pickle.  With the addition of lynette knackstedt and chuck phelps the pickle was off and skankin’.  Latter Lars nylander and jerry lundquist rounded out the band as they set out on tour of all forty eight states in the continental us, hawai’i, canada and Mexico.  Mike Mattingly was one of two main songwriters and singers recording on legendary third wave ska albums; Skafunkrastapunk and skankin’ pickle fever.  During this time he also had a stint touring as bass player for second wave ska band; bad manners. 

    After exiting skankin’ pickle mattingly formed neosoreskin recording three album in 5 years from 1994 to 2000.  This experimental band was an exercise in controlled chaos.  Its big band arrangements featured a four-six piece horn section and a three piece rhythm section which would transition through musical styles such as funk, ska, klezmer, jazz, punk, noise, classical, reggae and hip-hop in just a few bars.  Neosoreskin took this skavantegaurd sound to the West coast, sharing the stage with the likes of No Doubt, foo fighters, fishbone and moby.  during this time mattingly could be found on stage playing trombone and percussion with hip-hop band Willies Conception.  The three albums for Neosoreskin are “say hello to Neo”, “toiletry” and “Vicegription”.

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